A lot goes on in the German city of Frankfurt. It is not only the financial capital of the country, but it is also a melting pot for all things graffiti. Each year in spring, at the start of the painting season, local writer SPEED ONE gets some of the Frankfurt heavyweights together for Montana GOLD and BLACK fueled spray day. Normally they call it SPRINGWALL. Unfortunately, this year, spring came late. Mr. Coronavirus made sure of that. But you can’t keep a good team down and regardless of the delay, and all the extra coronavirus obligations required to see the jam through, this year the renamed SUMMERWALL was as fresh as ever.

Summerwall 2020

Spring comes late in Frankfurt

With a “better late than never” attitude, the writers gathered to spread some color. Never disappointing, nearly every style from near and far found its way onto the black primed wall. With a tip of the hat to the classic street feeling of days gone by, rather than a polished pictorial background, the connection chosen by the artists this year was a layer of tags which created a genuinely illegal look. With the who’s who of hand styles from the local scene, style writing shone just as the sun did, to steal the limelight.

As usual, SUMMERWALL was supported by Montana Cans, the Montana Store Frankfurt (Canpire), and the NAXOS ATELIER. Considering the hurdles created by the coronavirus, a great day was had by all. See it for yourselves here.