Spring awakening, playfulness and dynamics characterize the new Sweetuno series entitled 5 Quicks at its best. Kolly Gallery is excited to present Sweetuno’s vibrant/fresh and expressive 5 Quicks from April 29 to May 4, 2019. Curved lines, dynamic swings and a little tag here and there are the base of Sweetuno’s body of work. Traditional graffiti codes, style writing and letters rooting in the mid 90s dissolve in abstract compositions of urban elegance. Sweetuno’s the research of different ways to express typography as well as implementing his old-school graffiti roots mainly through movement and body language is the driving force of his creative practice. As the title takes away, the series 5 Quicks shows swiftness, dynamics and determination.

His creative approach to art is very intuitive. Scribbling, tagging and drawing facilitates the process of finding new ideas and shapes for his creations. The artist is inspired by studying photos, listening to music and eventually finds new color tones and combinations. Nevertheless the essentials of the streets and style writing never get lost: throw ups, tags, outlines and quite a few letters can be found in every unique art work. He allows freedom, intuition and flow guide him, to reinforce his paintings to be lively and expressive.

Due to Sweetuno’s versatile artistic projects, his studio routine is not steady, which means that his paintings are often created under various conditions. This set of paintings reflects the effectiveness, resoluteness and continuity of the time of their creation. Even so, they are outstanding in the usage of urban semiotics as well as self-contained and harmonious. The amount of abstraction and style writing is perfectly balanced and blended into one.

“Scribbling, tagging and drawing is essential to find new ideas and shapes.“ 2019

Sweetuno Bio
Cédric Pintarelli, aka Sweetuno, was born and grew up in Basel (CH). Since a while he has been living and working in Heidelberg (DE). In summer 1989 the Swiss graffiti artist created his first spray paint graffiti in his neighborhood. He created letters and typography since he learned to write. The idea to give letters a character and a special style was present from a very young age and still is a fascinating aspect throughout his creative practice. Since 2003 he takes his artistic pursuit quite seriously, especially after collaborating with Dare, his first and last mentor, in an exhibition entitled Subvision in Freiburg (DE). After years of painting graffiti on tables, black books and walls, it was time to step into art galleries. The studio is a place between the scribbles at home and the pieces outdoor. There is a smooth transition between the different methods of painting in the studio and creating graffiti in the streets.

Graffiti for kids Crop by Sweetuno

All images by the artist – SWEETUNO

Since 2008 Sweetuno’s works are regularly exhibited throughout European cities, such as Stuttgart, Venice, Heidelberg, Stockholm and more. Besides his dedication and passion for graffiti Sweetuno is also part of the Heidelberg, Mannheim and Munich theater crew, working as a stage actor, director as well as stage designer. In Sweetuno’s opinion graffiti can exist everywhere – in the streets as well as in the galleries. 2006 he wrote the first theater piece about graffiti entitled Sky is the Limit, which was performed at the Nationaltheater Mannheim. As a matter of fact, Sweetuno brought graffiti even into the theater!

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