As a heavy user of Montana BLACK and Montana ACRYLIC markers, you may have seen SWEETUNO on our social media platforms from time to time. SWEETUNO creates artwork in the moment. It is no wonder that his dynamic approach to mark making has influenced the art he makes and the way he makes it. The swings, swishes and splashes in his artwork are a reflection of his body movements and fast paced ideas while he is creating. Everything from his breathing to his hand movements come together in one theatrical act. And that is exactly where the circle closes. With a history in theatre, acting, directing and stage design, the German based Swiss born artists has been professionally active in theatre for many years. At some point he became aware of his body language while making art and it occurred to him that his art making is a choreography. Just like his professional life.


– Kolly Gallery from May 24 to June 23, 2018 –

With this, the idea for his upcoming solo exhibition “CHOREOGRAPHY”, opening at Kolly Gallery on May 24th was born. Take a moment to share some of the stylistic developments of SWEETUNO here and warm yourself up for the upcoming show.


Dynamics, balance, elegance and movement, twisted up by a touch of streets describes Sweetuno’s body of work at its best! Kolly Gallery is excited to present Sweetuno’s dynamic and unique pieces in his solo exhibition entitled Choreography from May 24 to June 23, 2018. Curved lines, dynamic swings and a little tag here and there are the base of Sweetuno’s body of work. Traditional graffiti codes, style writing and letters rooting in the mid 90ies dissolve in abstract compositions of urban elegance. Sweetuno’s main creative force has always been the research of different ways to express typography and implementing his old-school graffiti roots mainly through movement and body language. His creative approach to art is very intuitive. He lets freedom, intuition and flow guide him, to reinforce his paintings to be lively and expressive.


Sweetuno’s dynamic and unique pieces

Besides his dedication and passion for graffiti Sweetuno is also part of the Heidelberg, Mannheim and Munich theater crew, working as a stage actor, director as well as stage designer. Working with the dancers and actors of the various theaters he recently began researching his own body language while tagging and spraying. Interestingly enough, his body language seemed rehearsed exactly like a dance. Sweetuno’s movements creating a graffiti were similar to a choreography, which is why he entitled this exhibition Choreography. Sweetuno approaches art in a very holistic way. In his point of view, nothing is impossible and graffiti can exist everywhere: either it is outside in the streets or it is hanged in a museum or even in someones living room. 2006 he wrote the first theatre piece about graffiti, entitled Sky is the Limit, which was performed at the Nationaltheater Mannheim. As a matter of fact, Sweetuno brought graffiti even into the theatre!

We cordially invite you to the opening on May 24 from 6pm on. The exhibition runs from May 24 to June 23, 2018 at Kolly Gallery in Zurich.