Marker testing – SweetUno tagging with the new Montana EMPTY T-TIP Marker 20mm filled with Montana alcohol-based Dye ink and Montana ACRYLIC paint. The Heidelberg based graffiti artist SweetUno – originally from Basel, Switzerland – is known for his unmistakeable throw-ups and tags. SweetUno hooked up at MONTANA-CANS headquater to give the new EMPTY Marker a try…


the MONTANA EMPTY MARKER 20MM T-TIP comes with a transparent body and an easy-to remove pump valve system for comfortable refilling. Suitable for all Montana water- and alcohol based paints and inks. Highest Quality made in Germany!

The Marker is easy to open and to refill – the Marker’s felt tip with the shape of a “T” is popular amongst taggers, calligraphic artists and typo lovers! The pump valve system guarantees controlled ink flow and allows constant ink supply when applying…SWEETUNO TESTING MONTANA EMPTY MARKER 20MM T-TIP


The new MONTANA EMPTY Marker 20mm T-Tip now available!EMPTY Markers filled with Montana ACRYLIC paint