Last Friday SWET had an exhibition in Stockholm with Grymt Creative Agency and for a finale the open wall at Tantolunden was collectively painted by three of the most influential artists from the European graffiti scene, SWET, KID KASH & KAOS with support of Montana Cans and HighlightsSWET EXHIBITION STOCKHOLM

Images by Pierre Vincensini

About Grymt Creative Agency
Grymt Creative Agency was established in 2014 with the main aim being to promote what they call the «French touch» of graffiti. Nabil and Franck who started the agency both shared a passion for street art and wanted to make it more accessible for a Swedish audience.

Today GRYMT provide a wide range of services to their clients. Previous projects include educational courses for adults and kids, wall-paintings for individuals and companies, graphic design and collaborations with product designers. The Agency has also produced original exhibitions showcasing both Swedish and French artists.

The unique allure of street art lies in the power of the moment of creation and the fleeting existence of each piece. To be able to share the complete experience of the graffiti medium GRYMT offers live painting for events and creates unique shows in unexpected spaces.
Source: www.grymt.info

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