Digital files available for download

The current world situation is far from optimal. With everyone in fear and focused on the Coronavirus, it is hard to remember that there is a lot more to life than viruses. In times of distress, fear, and uncertainty, it is important to remember that every cloud has a silver lining. As a large part of the world’s population is now either quarantined or being guided to stay home and “Self Isolate”, what a perfect time to reach for the Montana Sketch Liners and ACRYLIC Markers and draw.

Illustration Book – Every cloud has a silver lining

In order to make your time in isolation as creative and enjoyable as possible, Montana Cans will make all the illustrations from the Montana Cans “Illustration Book Best Of ” available for free download! Every page ready for you to download at your own leisure. Trucks, trains, billboards, walls and street scenes and more are all available for your personal touch from the comfort of your own home.  Choose from 33 designs to create your outside world, even if you can’t get out into it yourself.

Don’t let your time in isolation get you down.  Enjoy it drawing and creating guilt-free! Or plan your next painting outdoors, for that next possible chance when conditions permit. Stay safe and look after your loved ones.

Download all available illustrations visit our cloud page on Montana Cloud