What do you get if you cross Montana GOLD and BLACK cans with graffiti writers, B-boys, DJs, bands, and the magnificent backdrop of Napoli in Italy? You get one of the south of ​Italy’s longest-running hip-hop jams, The Body Rock Jam. And in 2022, it came back with its best outcome ever.

Graffiti, beats, and fun in the sun

September 10th and 11th proved to be two days of art, graffiti writing, fun, culture, and friendship. Some new, some old. Included in the long list of guests, crews, and participants were @mindoner @mrdekis @mr.mozbey CAPRAS / CTA / WBS / MOAS / KTM / DIAS / HARDCORE who proved that it takes skills to pay the bills.

Burning the walls and lighting up the floors

It takes skills to pay the bills

If the walls weren’t being lit up by color and concept, then the floors were being lit by the locking and popping of some of the region’s most talented dancers. All of which were being watched and judged in battle by discerning crowds and tough judges. The event was caringly rounded off by the sounds of local band  @funkin_machine which added yet another element to the copious amounts of creativity being shown and shared during the event. All was captured on photo and film for your enjoyment.

All Images by The Body Rock Jam Napoli