On Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of September 2016, the famous Drogheda “Bridge Jam” in Ireland celebrated it’s 22rd consecutive year running. No other graffiti event in the world has run this many years in a row without skipping a beat. Bringing in artists from all over the world, the Bridge Jam 2016 stayed true to it’s philosophy of staying open and celebrating open mindedness. After all the event is on the local iconic landmark, the Bridge of Peace. This year the organisers (the TDA Klann), paid hommage to their graffiti heritage by also welcoming some very young, yet serious new commers to the local Irish graffiti scene, the TDA Juniors. Check out the national and international efforts of the weekend here.

Also check the image gallery and the walls


IMG_0276bridge20161bridge20162bridge20163bridge20164bridge20165bridge20166bridge20167bridge20168bridge20169bridge201610bridge201611bridge201612bridge201613bridge201614bridge201615TDA juniors

Images by Karen Ellen Smith , Gleann o’Ceallaigh , Ivan Fitzpatrick

The Bridge Jam 2016 – Drogheda, Ireland