The Montana ACRYLIC marker range has many products that can make drawing and creating artwork a breeze. Not only for the those projects that are small or detailed. But also for those larger works when being bold is just as important as being precise. For this, you can’t look past the Extra Wide assortment of ACRYLIC markers and tips. The extra wide path starts with the 15mm ACRYLIC marker. Not only with the standard wide flat tip, as with the 30mm and 50mm ACRYLIC marker’s, you can also swap to the MULTI LINE tip giving you geometrically placed multi lines. And if surface area is your thing, keep the original flat tip on to fill the greatest amount of space you want with bright, opaque ACRYLIC color.

The perfect tools for drawing and beyond

It doesn’t end there, window marking, sign making and calligraphy to name a few. The applications are only as endless as your ideas. And if ideas is your problem, go take a look at our ACRYLIC SESSIONS video’s online, or some previous posts on the Montana Blog for some multi-discipline inspiration. In the meantime, we can’t get past some recent fine artworks created with the Extra Wide ACRYLIC Markers by German artist Steffen Seeger. A master of line work and composition, Seeger can also be credited as the brains behind the Multi Line tip. Thanks to this amazing creator and thinker, the Multi Line tip range went from being his handmade secret, to the beloved Montana Multi Line tip range. Be inspired here.

The Montana ACRYLIC Markers 30mm BROAD and 50mm BROAD are the widest in the ACRYLIC marker range. The extra wide felt tips are perfect to create great calligraphic effects on a large scale. Users can apply marks firmly with even color distribution and consistency. Available in SHOCK Black and Silver Matt, these markers are excellent for filling in large surface areas fast. Transparent marker bodies, 30mm and 50mm replacement tips are available separately. Optimum flow control pump-valve system allows accurate handling and professional application. The 30mm BROAD and 50mm BROAD markers are also available as refillable empty markers.


MONTANA ACRYLIC 15MM MARKER: Standard Tip 15mm and Multi Line 15mm. MONTANA ACRYLIC 15MM MARKER: Broad Tip 30mm and Multi Line 30mm. MONTANA ACRYLIC 15MM MARKER: Broad Tip 50mm and Multi Line 50mm