Electric geometric

The Hard2Buff Lab has been consistently delivering videos of various contemporary artists with graffiti heritage on their quests to create canvas-based fine artwork with Montana Cans products. In this episode, the Lab features EANOK, who creates an aesthetic work that plays with the notions of geometry and graffiti on a 2-dimensional plane.

Although letters don’t appear to be in the design, you can almost feel them

The Montana ACRYLIC line markers and paints are the basis of this work, that is if you don’t consider the calculations required to plan out the composition. Although letters don’t appear to be in the design, you can almost feel them.

Making the struggle look easy 

The ACRYLIC FINE, EXTRA FINE, and EMPTY markers are the tools of choice for EANOK who keeps it simple to make it look complex. Carefully placed marks, color blocks self-mixed and pre-filled,  and enough white space left to let the image breathe. Making the struggle look easy as described by our hosts, Hard2Buff. Yet another Lab adventure well done and a sense of intrigue as to who comes next and what will they do? Stayed tuned to find out.

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