The Hard2Buff Lab has been bringing us an array of artists who take on the challenge to take their artwork from large scale to small scale. All with the help of various Montana Cans products including Montana GOLD & BLACK cans, Montana ACRYLIC markers, TECH, and EFFECT sprays. And everything in between. Their purpose-built lab offers just the right conditions to assist the visiting artists to overcome the struggle of going from big to small.

No need for sharpening

The most recent addition to the Lab series is graffiti artist, Pencil aka Mr. Pencil. Once the places were set and the lights were turned on, it was time to press record and see what Pencil could do with the tools at hand. With a decision to use nothing but Montana GOLD cans and skills, Pencil set about the task of capturing a skull motif onto the more or less square format canvas.

When the work was done and the colors were dry it was time to reach for the finishing touches. The Montana ACRYLIC marker FINE in white served as the ideal marker for the artist to leave his version of the graffiti signature, while the Montana VARNISH sprays offered the final clear coat to protect and enhance. The finished product was an artwork fit for any space for the discerning collector. The struggle is real, and so are the results. We look forward to the next episode of the Hard2Buff Lab.

Images by Hard2Buff