The lights are on, the camera is rolling and nobody knows what’s going to happen next. That is except for graffiti artist SAWER who is facing the challenge of trying to make his usually large-scale graffiti style writing pieces, small on canvas. Welcome back to the HARD2BUFF LAB. Not unfamiliar with the HARD2BUFF crew, readers may remember SAWER who was featured on the 23rd edition of the HARD2BUFF video series. Known for his stylish blocky letterforms that can be seen from Belgium to Italy and beyond, the challenge of capturing all the positive elements of his usually temporary street-based graffiti, and putting it on a small canvas that will most likely outlive most of the wall-based pieces he has done before it, is somewhat of a struggle.

The Montana ACRYLIC Markers slid over the smooth Montana GOLD

For many graffiti writers, the idea of producing work that is usually on the street in large format to suit small canvas sizes is daunting, to say the least. Is it still graffiti then? Does it still have the same energy and impact? Is it as fulfilling to make? There are many answers to these questions which vary from person to person depending on their experience and philosophies. We are not here to evaluate that as what SAWER produced, was impressive regardless.

Taking the big and making it small, or is it something different?

With smooth transitions from the Montana ACRYLIC 15mm Standard marker, to the smaller 2mm FINE and 0,7mm EXTRA FINE markers, SAWER seemed at home with his alternative medium. With a switch of a tip, the lines he made with his EXTRA FINE marker quickly varied from 0,5mm to 0,7mm, and 1mm. All with impact and aesthetics as the Montana ACRYLIC markers slid over the smooth Montana GOLD sprayed background. At some point, the previous questions are no longer important as the final SAWER artwork has so much to offer in its own right. A job well done as another session in the LAB comes to end. Stayed tuned for more HARD2BUFF LAB episodes.

Images by HARD2BUFF