THE HAUS – created to be destroyed

There’s THE HAUS in Berlin that gets packed with art up to the roof these days. Until upcoming April every single room in a former bank building located at Berlins famous Ku’damm gets created by more than hundred local, national and international artists. The finished rooms can be visited from the opening in April until the demolition of THE HAUS in August 2017.

The project THE HAUS is subtitled BERLIN ART BANG and that’s exactly what it will be. It is the final countdown to the death of a building that represents the commercial-heart of Berlin. After years of reliability THE HAUS will spend it’s last weeks in a new, colorful way of life, designed by artists from all kinds of styles until, in the end, every single artwork will be gone to dust. The only thing you can really rely on is that nothing is conform to plans and restrictions. The last weeks of THE HAUS will be pretty much the opposite of a bank, that’s for sure!

At the moment the artists are working on their projects. THE HAUS is already full of creative spirit, colors, sculptures, materials and artists from all over the world. Just to name a few, there will be rooms created by ARSEK & ERASE, BASE23, BOND TRULUV, STEFFEN SEEGER, QUINTESSENZ, STOHEAD, 1UP, TELMOMIEL and many many other freethinkers. If you love arts, make sure to be in Berlin between April and August 2017 to visit THE HAUS and become a part of this unique BERLIN ART BANG with artworks that can not be seen twice. MONTANA CANS is a official sponsor of the event, supplying spray-cans for the participating artists. See you in April at the famous Kurfürstendamm – but not for shopping!

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