Koblenz is a German town that is not just nice to look at because of it’s scenery. It also has a machine of creativity, humming quietly away making things look even better. But sometimes the machine gets loud. And there is always room to make some noise when a new Hall Of Fame opens. And when the Montana BLACK cans are in hand, then sound is not an issue.

On the 29th and 30th of October local artist and internationally renowned writer Daniel Schmitz (aka DATER127), brought together the local youthwork groups to officially open the new Weinbergstraße Hall Of Fame located under the Europabrücke (Europe Bridge). Supported by a talented line up of European writers, the new space went from grey to street gallery in the blink of an eye. Artists included Baske, Dosk, Hifi, Jayn, Monkey, Moter, Panik, Pixel Juice, Reds, Risk, Sker, SPK 38, Chas, Stan-Nats, Stereoheat, Tome, Zuito, 28 and Nilko.

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With support from Montana-Cans, the event had many colorful forms and formats that took place whether it be high or low. Everything from style writing, characters, color field, figurative to just general freshness. The New Koblenz Hall Of Fame – Open for Graffiti

Add some music and there was a perfect day out to be had. Check it out here:

The New Koblenz Hall Of Fame – Open for Graffiti