“Because the night belongs to writers”

For the most recent release of the artist-designed limited edition Montana Cotton Bag range, this time the spotlight is now shining on the Greek graffiti artist and illustrator, GOSPEL. GOSPEL’s 3 color screen printed design called SHAFT explores his consistent use of the color blue in conjunction with a variation of the color red on a white cotton base, taking the Montana Cotton Bag series into new territory.

Light-weight yet sturdy for the transportation of your belongings

The familiar 38 x 42cm sizing keeps the consistency of the Cotton Bag series pure, as does the sturdy yet light 100% cotton material. Always a better alternative to plastic or disposable bags, the SHAFT Cotton Bag ticks all the boxes as both a functional carriage alternative and a fresh collectible piece of art.

Because the night belongs to writers

This a statement that rings true in most if not all graffiti artists that have ever held a Montana BLACK can in their hand or entered the night to create in peace. GOSPEL’s use of rounded edges and stylized figures has become a calling card for his art both within his home town Athens and beyond. With a classic mix of symbology, GOSPEL tries to connect some of the cultural dots using graffiti icons such as masked figures, Montana BLACK cans, street shafts, gloves, sneakers, hand styles, and of course, the night.

Don’t sleep on this one too long or watch it become a collectible icon in the future. Visit your local Montana Cans reseller now for availability while stocks last.