It wasn’t too long ago that we introduced British artist 45RPM to the Montana Blog. Known for his clever and humour fuelled work, 45RPM has been pressing the nozzle of a spray can since 1999. His creative skills didn’t just stop at graffiti as his professional path took him down the road of illustration, graphic design and beyond. All these skills mixed up, result in artwork that the artist’s describes in his own words as, “Goofy Nonsense”. Which is just the type of visual nonsense we like.

45RPM captures the moment

Introducing the Montana HIT & Run Pin Set. The set features three pins that each fasten at two points for sturdy placement. Made of stunning soft enamel, the pins consist of a writer character being chased, a bag full of Montana BLACK cans and a British police character in hot pursuit of the writer. A scenario that many can relate to, 45RPM manages to take you in the moment of a normally hectic scene, but make you smile while doing so.

The HIT & RUN Pin Set is a perfect addition to all your bags including the Montana Red Bag, Montana Can Bag or Montana Cotton Bags. Or simply pin them where ever you want to!


Go see your local Montana Cans re-seller for availability NOW!
(*Only available while stocks last)