The new Montana NIGHTGLOW Color Luminescent Orange

Welcome Luminescent ORANGE (NG2000)

In late 2018, the Montana NIGHTGLOW EFFECT spray range had a make over making it glow brighter and longer than ever before! We now welcome the edition of the second NIGHTGLOW color, Luminescent ORANGE NG2000 to the fold. NIGHTGLOW EFFECT spray Luminescent ORANGE is available now. As with it’s a NIGHTGLOW brother Luminescent GREEN, the nitro-acrylic based paint is an easy to use high-pressure paint with luminescent pigments that absorb light as energy and emit them as a mystical glow when in total darkness, without any alternative light sources.

By day (or when the lights are on), Luminescent ORANGE is as unsuspecting and discrete as Luminescent GREEN is. During this time, the paint silently charges from the light sources around it, whether that be the sun or man made lighting. The more intense the light source, the greater the charge. Then by night, when the lights are off, it’s time to shine.

You too can now enjoy Luminescent ORANGE with new formula longer glowing duration, with a brighter intensity. For the best results, make sure the surface you apply to is pre-primed. At best with Montana GOLD, SHOCK WHITE. The more coats of NIGHTGLOW applied, the greater the potency of the glow effect emitted. Add NIGHTGLOW Luminescent ORANGE to your tool kit for those surprising nocturnal adventures.

The new Montana NIGHTGLOW – Luminescent Orange
Available now!