The Montana ULTRA WIDE 750ml (aka the #gamechanger), has never played such a strong role in going “BIG” with the application of quality paint as fast as possible in international graffiti as it does today. By popular demand, the original ultra-wide spraying can range now has two new colors! Welcome to the ULTRA WIDE family: Light Blue and Power Green. With a spray output varying from 15cm to 60cm, the largest member of the Montana Cans family now boasts the colors Kicking Yellow, Snow White, Silverchrome, Black, Red, Blue, Royal Purple, Nappies, Power Green and Light Blue. All originating from, and compatible with, the equivalent colors from the Montana BLACK 400ml can range.

The new Montana ULTRA WIDE 750ml colors

Welcome ULTRA WIDE Light Blue and Power Green!

The new Montana ULTRA WIDE 750ml colors

Light Blue– Just like the invention of sliced bread, the color Light Blue has earned its place as one of the must-have colors for nearly every graffiti color scheme. No bag should be packed without it.

The new Montana ULTRA WIDE 750ml colors

Power Green– Just as in nature, where there is a vibrant green, there is usually power, strength, and growth. With the introduction of the color Power Green, now your graffiti development can grow and progress with vigor.


Ideal for urban calligraphy, graffiti innovation, or simply trying to fill a large surface area with the least amount of effort, the Montana ULTRA WIDE is the king of kings. When shaken well, these cans offer the greatest amount of coverage over the largest amount of surface area. From a standing start, a potential 2m high vertical spray reach is second to none, so sometimes you can leave the ladders at home. 

New Montana ULTRA WIDE 750ml colors LIGHT BLUE + POWER GREEN!

Photography by Edward Nightingale

Don`t forget to add ULTRA WIDE Power Green and Light Blue to your next spray can purchase or go and see your local Montana Cans re-seller for details and availability now!