From May 8th to May 10th, 2015 the Faculty of Design from the Hochschule Mannheim presented the best works of their young designers. Many interesting projects were displayed at the exhibition with the motto »BRAIN+HEART«, ranging from photography, typography up to Corporate Design and Digital Media. The opening speeches on May 7th were given by the professor of illustration Thomas Duttenhoefer and and Ian Spehr, an expert in the field of visual marketing and brand strategy from Stuttgart.

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As in the years before the exhibition 2015 »BRAIN+HEART« organized by the Faculty of Design from the Hochschule Mannheim offered a variety of Workshops. At the Kunstverein Mannheim the visitors got impressions from one of the most important fundamental issues of a design study: Typography. At the workshop which was led by the well known callygrapher Claudia Bärbel Kirsamer included words, letters and scripting. Everything could be experimented with classic to experimental typography. Limits were given only by ideas your brain gave to you and what your heart loved.

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All images by Manuel Wagner