Never before has any artist had 10 wall updates on the Montana Cans blog. A testament to a prolific artist with a unique yet classic style. If you haven’t figured it out by now, we are talking about the Danish graffiti style writer PHEO who is based in Copenhagen and always waving the flag of style.

The tenth link in the chain

Whether a quick chrome or a full-color burner, PHEO’s pieces are never limited by the context they are done in. Even a silver piece still stands out proud, loud, and complete on a wall that is otherwise filled with full-color pieces. Just as one of his full-color burners takes any production to new heights when painted in good company. The result is the same. If PHEO is at the spot you’re going to get quality and innovation.

PHEO’s pieces are never limited by their context

In the 10th update of PHEO’s latest additions to the Copenhagen streetscape, he shows us once again that he has a clear vision of what style should be. Popping colors, clean lines, and innovative nuances to old graffiti elements. A PHEO piece is not something you can look away from.

A PHEO piece is not something you can look away from

Since his last wall update in the European spring of 2022, we can see that his straight lines got straighter and his curves got curvier. All with an unpredictable choice of color combinations that look as if they were always meant to be. With not too much Schnick-Schnack in the background, his letters and their refinement come to the fore, as does his conscious use of classic graffiti elements like arrows, and bubbles which always bring us back to that warm place graffiti has always had since the beginning. All without it looking as if it is on repeat. Feeding us what we need till next time, we look forward to what the 11th PHEO update will bring while we celebrate what the 10th offers us now. Sit back and enjoy.

All images by artist PHEO