Taiwan’s First International Graffiti Festival

Urban art movements are not confined to specific countries or areas. They are spreading around the globe, attempting to generate awareness and justification, and educate the cultures that they encounter. The Wallriors festival is an urban art and graffiti festival in Taiwan. It is held twice a year in the city of Kaohsiung, the last one took place in November, 2016.

The organizational team behind the festival is a network of artists, observers and idealists who work on art projects in public spaces. Their objective is to make art accessible to a wider audience by taking it out of the conventional gallery space and embedding it into the cities where we live – truly making art for everyone.

The Wallriors organizational team united with the Arcade Art Gallery in order to bring international artists to its scene. The line-up included international artists OKUDA, SEN2 and SLIKS, but also many local artists participated including BAMBOO, DEBE, MR.OGAY and FASO1. Stunning murals were created all over the city scape of Kaohsiung City. Including some old cars, which were painted and positioned in a local skatepark as obstacles for the skaters. This old city has grown from a small village in the 17th century into the political, economic and industrial center of southern Taiwan. We find the Wallriors festival to be the perfect addition to our promotional efforts and are happy to support its growth in the coming years.

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Photos by  Kevin 鄢凱文 ” @kevints