Whether your into sneakers or not, if you love graffiti, you know who Wane COD is. Producer of New York styles originating from the  Boogie Down Bronx, Wane is a natural story teller that has shared some snippets of his eventful past that have influenced and helped create the man and artist that he is today. Check out the beautiful Super 8 footage ! Get more after the jump:


Wane is a legendary figure in the NYC graffiti scene who is a natural story teller. Wane had hours of stories to tell about growing up and painting in the 80’s that covered all aspects of the graffiti, and wider hip-hop scene. Rumours, facts, dangers and style are all covered. Wane’s stories are presented as a series of spoken vignettes set against super-8 footage of Wane painting and moving through the modern city. Shooting the film on a small Super-8 camera allows to blend in with WANE as jumped on and off the tracks and moved through yards and in between trains during the shoot. The Super-8 provided a grainy film texture to the final piece that speaks to the era WANE brings to life in his words and the unique wild style that adorns his collaborative Classic Leather 30th Anniversary sneaker dedicated to the city of NYC.

photos by MontanaCans