The YELLOW JAM run by the Yellow Fat Cap crew hit its 4th consecutive year of Montana Cans and Hard2Buff ​supported graffiti goodness. For the last four years in a row, the Brescian city of Roncadelle has changed its face from being a functional industrial city in the north of Italy to becoming an international graffiti writing hot-spot that houses and nurtures some of the best graffiti burners and productions that will be created in the region. Or at least till the next YELLOW JAM.

Rocking Roncadelle for the 4th time

With guests coming nationally and internationally, the locals turn up the heat to bring out the best of all participating. As did the Italian sun which played along making painting conditions perfect for all those emptying their favorite Montana BLACK and GOLD can colors.

A national and international graffiti hot-spot

Naming just a few of the artists involved would not do justice to the long list of talented style writers. So it seemed fitting to name them all. The artist lineup consisted of Art of sool,C29, moner, rwick, isma, uroky, Cone the weird, Wany, Lion, Teso, Sawer, MCDL, Ike, psiko, coma, sanue, Shemo, Frah, quintale, Onem, Raptor, Amed, Web3, Encs, More, Plus, skase, Blef, Acker, Loste, Sera, Heis, Keats, Brus, Soten, Abc, fanta e vince, Lunar, Zement, Ysar, Deko, Kage, Alf, sour, Prosa, rompe, yems, fosk, Dems333, ruka, fresh, kilero, fonse, royce, Tlove, and Ezir.

Bringing out the best in all participating artists

The 2022 edition of YELLOW JAM took place on September 10th and 11th, giving a positive and colorful angle to this otherwise easy-to-remember date. Ladders, scaffolding, and anything that would raise the artists to their required heights were used to literally help everyone “get up” and get over.

The Hard2Buff team was there in force making sure the whole weekend was recorded in film and photos for enjoyment long after the event was over. An impressive array of styles, approaches, and interpretations of what contemporary graffiti style writing is today. Check it out for yourself in the YELLOW JAM 4 video recap which was created and edited by (@throwupmag)