Brescia in North Italy, is home to some. To others, it is a stop through on their way to more well known parts of this beautiful country. But Roncadelle, an industrial part of Brescia has another side to it that for the last three years has been more inspiring for those in the know. Brescia is also the home to the YELLOW JAM graffiti jam. The event which is organized by the YELLOW FAT CAP crew and supported by Hard2Buff & Montana Cans, started as a get together of friends that paint that has developed into a local and international graffiti gathering.

Graffiti in Brescia gets the FAT CAP treatment

Loaded with Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans, each writer is armed with the tools of the trade needed to make things work! Nearly every aspect of aerosol art is laid down whether it be classic straight letter graffiti, wild styles, characters, illustration inspired work, all the way over to new school abstract graffiti.

The featured artists for 2019 were
Art of Sool, Boombox Crew, Aeroes Crew, SCO Crew, BBS Crew, Skenar, Dejoe, Riot1394, Eight, Lost, Wany, Das, Cesar, Weal, Semor, Pout, Pablo Dalas, Bims, Debza, Cone and BN Crew, Miedo12, Horst, Jeroo, Reser, Rusl, Chas, Peeta, Yama, Made, Bobby Analog, Hot Dog, Yugo, JBCB Crew, Vince Won, Fanta and Roids.


April 12th to 14th 2019 saw the colors happen, the friendships maintained and new ones formed. Concepts were created, letters were collated and ideas were had for the next round in 2020. Take a look here at how Yellow Jam 2019 went down.

All images by Hard2Buff