Bristol’s 45RPM knows how to make art that suits our time. Although his 45RPM name may reference the speed of an analog spinning record, in the graffiti world he stands for contemporary ideas with a clever edge as expected in this digital age we live in. A prolific designer and avid painter, 45RPM’s work is a product of the UK’s high standards in graffiti, street art and urban art.

Clever graffiti at high speeds

He seems to be equally as comfortable creating stylized illustrations as he is with doing his own unique blend of modern graffiti. His technique is refined and whether a high-pressure Montana BLACK can is in his hand or a low-pressure Montana GOLD can in his hand, quality is a given. It doesn’t stop there as he can upscale or downscale at will to find the correct proportions on any surface. In the meantime enjoy some of 45RPM’s recent works here.

After our “Introducing Graffiti Artist 45RPM” post last year, we thought it was about time we got back to UK to see which direction his work was going now? Again we were impressed by a barrage of pieces, murals, characters, design as well as some great throw-up’s. Firing color and style at will, we suggest you “watch this space” to see where his path takes him.

Fine Art from 45RPM

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Images by the artist 45RPM