In a recent post we introduced German artist OSCAR. A true innovator and wheel turner in the art of merging graffiti with calligraphy. Since we last spoke, OSCAR has stayed true to his craft and pushed the CALLIGRAFFITI wheel even further. He literally pushes his art in a circular manner, as a large percentage of his works are based on a circular composition. His tag becoming not only a business card for his identity, but also a artistic motif that he has abstracted beyond recognition. After a recent re-charge of Montana ACRYLIC markers, ACRYLIC paint, Montana EMPTIES and the new Montana BOLD markers, OSCAR has delved even further into abstract lettering. His marker artwork was already an intriguing and captivating way to make art. Now both the lettering and backgrounds are complimented with a spritz here, and a spritz there of Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK.

Turning the CALLIGRAFFITI wheel

The work displays a perfect balance between geometric and organic forms. Squares meet circles while free hand lines dance around carefully plotted straight lines. The use of opaque color and transparent color give multiple levels of depth. Warm and cool colors compliment each other offering contrast and connection. In the end, over thinking the work doesn’t change anything. Whether you want to look at it for fun or dwell and philosophize. The work looks amazing and it speaks for itself here.

All images by the artist OSCAR HANDSTYLES