Moscow based artist Dmitri Aske aka Sicksystems was painting a big mural in the city of Mannheim last week. The 28-year-old artist was invited by MONTANA-CANS in cooperation with the Alte Feuerwache Mannheim and the GBG, as well as the project Mannheim2020 initiative. Well known for his excellent graphic artworks the Russian graffiti artist started to paint some huge mural productions in Russia a while ago. See more images after jump.

1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-0053 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-0057 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-0087 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-0095

The Modern Thinker by Dmitri Aske
This work is an interpretation of a famous sculpture ‘The Thinker’ by a great French sculptor Auguste Rodin. Human civilization is based on people’s thoughts and ideas, and for Aske ‘The Thinker’ symbolizes a search for them. The main character is dressed as a typical office employee and, tough he works a lot to earn a living, he should find the time to think and fill with meaning his internal world. Today, in the age of informational oversaturation it’s so easy to drift with the stream. However in order to find your real goal in life you should avoid falling prey to other people’s influence, stop and think for yourself and analyze everything that is going on around you.

1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-0142 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-0176 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-0248 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-0277 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-0329 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-0331 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-0353 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-2834 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-2854 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-9140 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-9191 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-9721 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-9729 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-9741 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-9745 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-9759 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-9772 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-9789 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-98051407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-0364 1407-Stadt.Wand.Kunst-ASKE-0464

You can visit the artist’s website at:
Aske aka Sicksystems: “The Modern Thinker”

Photos taken by MontanaCans / Alexander Krziwanie & Frank Bässler