Spotted! Here are the Low Bros finishing up their piece at Stadt.Wand.Kunst in Mannheim, with a bright color palette and their mix between 2D and the so-called three-dimensional execution. Cubic effects, acid colors, flamboyant esthetics, virtual-minded characteristics, they know how to make us believe their pieces are part of a video game, and we are only visitors in this cool colorful world. Always precise and perfectly detailed, their art is a blink to the future. LOW BROS New Wave Video of recent Mural in Mannheim

LOW BROS New Wave Video of recent Mural in Mannheim


For this piece, they integrated the idea of the Quadratestadt—which means square city—the center of Mannheim is built like a rectangular grid—and translate it into their visual language, they put a grid of tiles in the background. They speak for the younger generation, which constantly creates something new or on top of the persisting things.

“It’s like us, we always want to take it further but at the same time to keep the traditions in the corner of our eyes.”
– Low Bros

Always passion-driven by their artwork. The Low Bros talk a lot about their ideas ‘till they catch fire and have to realize them. They focus on wolves as the main characters in their paintings because “wolves are still the counterpart of human beings and reflect their behavior. Hiding the eyes and their personality with reflecting shades and coated with a stone-like surface, they keep a certain distance and appear more like a projection screen for the generation of the digital age.” LOW BROS New Wave Video of recent Mural in Mannheim

 LOW BROS New Wave Video of recent Mural in Mannheim

For Stadt.Wand.Kunst, this piece is a part of a bigger series by the guys, and also give an outlook on their upcoming work. Qbrk and Nerd started working on their next solo exhibition, which will be at Mirus Gallery in San Francisco in April next year. This will be the final chapter of a trilogy, together with their two latest shows: “Perfection“ at Golden Hands Gallery in Hamburg and “Wired” at StolenSpace in London. The Low Bros know perfectly how to mix the geometrical shapes with the natural essence of things. Influenced by the mass culture, graffiti, skateboarding and hip hop, that is why their unique work stands out, either digital or on the streets. 

Make sure to read the full LOW BROS interview here! All projects can be found on the artist’s website

Images by © MONTANA-CANS / Manuel Wagner



LOW BROS: A Blink to the Future