The Finnish artist EGS is renowned for many things. He is one of Finland’s graffiti pioneers, considered a King amongst his peers. His three letters have travelled the world more times over than many people travel at all. He is prolific, progressive and boasts a well maintained international network of friends, colleagues and collaborators which have fueled his creativity for years. EGS Mural for Stadt.Wand.Kunst in Mannheim

EGS for Stadt.Wand.Kunst in Mannheim, Germany

It is fitting that for his recent artwork “OLD NEW WORLD ORDER“, for the Stadt.Wand.Kunst (SWK) Festival in Mannheim-Germany, that the content of his mural was inspired by the world map motif, that he is also known for.

With a stunning black background and plenty of Montana BLACK cans at the ready, EGS created a symbolic global map in one of the creative centers of the city of Mannheim. With bold colors and no fluff, the work reflects a world free of creative and practical boundaries. Just like the global network the artist himself has created and enjoys. He not only documents graffiti history, he is part of it. Take a moment to share the making of his artwork here.


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