The dutch born artist “82Eliote” may not call his homeland home anymore, but in his adopted town of Marseille in France, his art has well and truly found home. Since 2003 the artist has been pushing, bending and forming his artwork so much so that he has become renowned for his graffiti letters that mute into abstraction, composition and forms. His use of the aerosol can appears as if it is an extension of his body. A suitcase packed with Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK are as good a companion to him as a passport and a fresh clothes. Which was another reason aside from his great artworks that the Montana Store Vienna was proud to host him as their latest instore exhibition. ELIOTE x MONTANA STORE VIENNA


Where graffiti and abstraction meet

With a pallet extending not far beyond black and white, the artworks in the show were to contrary, dynamic and and multi layered. Forms that moved and faded with atmosphere graced the walls in complementation to little hand made works that took shapes and references to letters to another level. Take a look for yourself here.


A series of wall works in the great outdoors display that he is not afraid of color, he just uses it wisely. Impressive and uncompromising, 82Eliote creates with innovation and intent. And on the 16th of August at the Montana Store Vienna, he proved it.


Images by Montana Store Vienna