For over twenty years, Kai Semor, aka “SEMOR the mad one”, has been re-inventing the landscape of his hometown Köln (Cologne). With a folio full of styles tested and perfected, recent years have seen him make the jump from the streets with graffiti style writing, to the studio as a prolific fine artist. Although still as active as ever in his traditional graffiti writing duties, world travel, and a desire to create something unique has led him to his now renowned series of artworks, the FLUOR SERIES. Take a closer look for yourself.

In each work, variations of abstract and geometrical placement of black, whites, and grays from the Montana BLACK and GOLD ranges are always juxtaposed next to cleverly placed marks made by technical sprays such as the Montana MARBLE spray. But the key ingredient is always a, or some strategically placed visual elements of the Montana Gold Fluorescent color, Fire Red.

Creating art well beyond the studio doors

Not restricted to the norms of classic graffiti, Semor’s FLUOR SERIES finds its way just as comfortably onto the walls of abandoned buildings, as it does on beautifully prepared canvases in the comfort of the studio. With a box full of tricks, Semor’s FLUOR SERIES are always rewarding to look at regardless of scale or context. In a recent work created in 2021, LOW BUD Media Entertainment got on their bikes and followed Semor around a little so that we could a better insight on how Semor does, what he does.

All images by the artist SEMOR