For our friends Lisa Beggs and Victor Ving, meeting and more importantly greeting is all part of the tour. In 2016 as they travelled through New Orleans, they really felt the city was worthy of a GREETINGS mural. But the idea seemed harder than it should be as finding a wall and getting through all the red tape seemed to provide many hurdles. Three years later they made it happen. After visiting the town of Nola and finding a nice little treasure to buy in an antique shop called “La Belle Nouvelle Orleans”, some small chit chat with the owner took place. The seed that was planted three years prior looked as if it would finally grow. Although Lisa and Victor needed to leave due to other commitments, a few months later a wall was found, materials were sourced and the date was made for a “Greetings from Nola” mural.

Mardi Gras with a little more color

It wasn’t just the Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans supplying the color while the mural was being made. To the luck of the team, their painting date was just in time for Mardi Gras. With an array of colorful onlookers and passers by, the experience was amplified with spirit of Mardi Gras. Now Lisa and Victor can tick New Orleans and Mardis Gras off their bucket lists. And Nola left a unique stain on their memories that was a little more fun than normal. Check it out here:

All images by Lisa Beggs

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