In a recent post, we introduced the HOME STREET HOME festival in the region of Niederrhein, Germany. It’s original concept was complicated for some. But the HSH team made the idea clear as day with four outstanding murals in the feature cities of Neuss, Krefeld, Geldern and Mönchengladbach. But was the concept you ask? The idea, born while the artist from the four cities were car pooling to and from mural sites, was essentially to interlink all their graffiti networks to make four murals together.

Home Street Home Festival Video recap

By all four of the artists from the four different cities. Each mural having one artist on the typography and the rest on the imagery and context so that there was a common visual thread amongst all four murals. Each mural took an element from the local scenery and all four murals had a sense of the other cities due to the origins of the four artists. With support coming from the communities thick and fast, and the Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans at the ready, the event soon found more wall space and more talented artists of which to create on them. And this time not just from the four cities.


The format was a success and the artworks now an international affair. Take a look at the video recap which shows how some of the works came to fruition during the running of the festival.