The German artist HORST from the region of Stuttgart, is active to say the least. This innovator of style has done just about every letter in every possible way. Or at least we thought, until he recently trialed the new Montana Cans, MARBLE EFFECT spray colors in Red and Blue. The result was inspirational.

Coming from Stuttgart is both a benefit and a negative if your a graffiti writer. The massive amount of talented artists with a high output means the city stylistically, is ahead of the game. But the pressure to innovate and keep going in a scene driven by talent, also means you constantly need to innovative yourself. And for that you need innovative tools.

Innovation in MARBLE Blue and Red

From the humble beginnings as the Montana SPIDER can, in a small format, the now MARBLE EFFECT range encompasses the colors Black, Silver, White, Red and Blue. In a practical larger 400ml can. Perfect for graffiti, but equally as ideal for art, craft, DIY or hobby use.

With relative ease, HORST has managed to utilize the new MARBLE Red and Blue into his contemporary letter style both as accent, and as functional outline can. The effects are perfectly placed and a real eye opener for anyone needing a little motivation to try something new. Used perfectly in conjunction with Montana BLACK colors and Montana WHITEOUT, take a look how he did it here for yourself here.


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Photography by © MONTANA-CANS / Daniel Schreiber