Chinese contemporary artist HUA TUNAN paints Falcon Mural for Dubai Street Museum

The falcon has landed! In context of the DUBAI STREET MUSEUM the Chinese contemporary artist HUA TUNAN recently finished his large scale mural. For the past five days HUA TUNAN painted a wall with a size of over four floors on the side of a building at the famous 2nd of December Street in the district of Al Satwa, which has already been location for the previous works of 1010, SETH THE GLOBEPAINTER, ERNEST ZACHAREVIC and CASE.

Hua Tunan Dubai Street Museum

HUA TUNAN lives and works as an artist in Foshan, Guangdong, China. His current work shows a oversized falcon, one of the most respected animals in the culture of the United Arab Emirates. In Dubai the falcon is on the one hand a relic of „The Past“ – the curated theme of the DUBAI STREET MUSEUM – and on the other hand a contemporary static symbol for wealthy inhabitants of the Middle East. For his current work, HUA TUNAN used numerous MONTANA GOLD spray cans to implement his detailed work in the style of traditional Chinese paintings. HUA TUNAN is one of the most upcoming contemporary Chinese street artists and has painted murals for events as well as paintings for exhibitions and galleries around the world.

With the work of HUA TUNAN, the DUBAI STREET MUSEUM fills the streets of Dubai with another high-quality artwork. His impressive mural fits perfectly to the previous works of the event and makes the DUBAI STREET MUSEUM a special show for every art lover. Take a look at the pictures and video of HUA TUNAN‘s mural and if you are in the United Arab Emirates, don’t wait to see with your own eyes how the majestic falcon of HUA TUNAN surveys the city of Dubai. Hua Tunan Dubai Street Museum

© Photography by Rom Levy
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Used Montana Tools on this Mural:
Different color shades of Montana GOLD 400ml Low-Pressure spray paint


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