While preparations of Art Basel are going strong Herakut is working on their huge mural in Miami. Here are some impressions of this truly impressive wall production in the context of their The Giant Storybook Project. More pics after the jump…

“Working on a children´s book is like traveling back in time, digging up the roots of our habits and mind-sets. To get to them is tough, but what´s even tougher is: fixing them! That´s an impossible job to do on your own. It´s a group effort – only!” (Hera´s thoughts on the new project, that will travel to Miami for another book-page-mural) http://www.facebook.com/TheGiantStorybookProject

watch the trailer “Arriving in Miami”

The Giant Storybook Project chronicles the creation of a (yet-unnamed) new children’s book being created by the internationally-renowned street artist duo Herakut. Launched in September 2012 and continuing through 2013, the project follows the artists as they introduce the story’s characters on murals that they are painting around the world. If you’re in one of the cities where we’re painting, come on by! If not, follow the progress through the facebook page. Either way, get to know Lily, Jay, the giants, and the other interesting characters as they reveal more of themselves over the coming months!

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More coming soon…

The Giant Storybook Project