The southwestern town of Koblenz in Germany can claim many talented graffiti artists as it’s own. As with most talented graffiti artists however, their own backyard is usually only where it begins. DATER127 is no exception as he has been spreading his color embellished style writing world wide since the late 90’s. In 1995 he actually started his graffiti career and 1997 saw him take claim for the name DATER127. With years of practice and thousands of emptied Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans to his credit, the graffiti he does today is a prime example of just one of the many refined disciplines of contemporary German graffiti.

Contemporary German graffiti and beyond

It is no wonder he has fallen under the radar of many crews that are proud to have him baring their names. The famous Stick Up Kids (SUK) and Love Letters are just two of the crews he represents in Germany and far beyond. With a folio filled with many names, places, and results, DATER’s work is diverse and rewarding.

With references to the traditional graffiti pioneers and plenty of innovative and experimental areas in each piece, DATER’s well-rounded approach pleases both the trained and the untrained eye. For him, it is not relevant if the color scheme consists of two or twenty colors. Regardless of the palette, 120% effort is given at all times and it shows when you take a moment to explore this post.



All images by the artist DATER127 SUK