Never a dull moment – German Graffiti Artist Horst

The German city of Stuttgart has a rich history of creative makers, risk takers and money makers. I’m not sure if artist HORST is of the latter, but as far as graffiti art and style is concerned, he is definitely a maker and a creative risk taker. In Stuggie it is hard not to be if you take your artwork seriously and want to be taken seriously by your peers.

Since 1999 this more then prolific artist has explored many names, as well as places to paint them. Regardless of if it is a Montana GOLD, Montana BLACK or Montana WHITE that is lucky enough to be at the trigger end of his creative fingers, he still prefers black for outlines. Recently even the new Montana MARBLE EFFECT colors Blue and Red even got the HORST treatment. And with stunning results. Take a look here and be amazed as we see some of the creative steps in the HORST graffiti folio.

His style is not one that is easy to describe. And even harder to put into a written box. This year it may look like this, but as an enemy of stagnation, next year it will definitely be different. All with a cohesive and identifiable creative path. Always going forwards.


With tongue in cheek, the name HORST is as ironically German as Weißbier. But there is no irony in his work. Nor is there any shame in originating from DE. A pure innovator, HORST takes all the urban art and graffiti rules and turns them on their heads. Outlines, fill-in’s, backgrounds, colors all merge into one graffiti soup where there are no set rules or order. Each soup with different ingredients.


All images by the graffiti artist Horst

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