The German artist N.O.Madski is not renowned for flying the populist flag of today’s graffiti culture. Also known as NOMAD, he is a flyer of the purist graffiti style writing flag. This is a flag that stands for taking your name in every possible direction in style, beyond the visual horizon. Born in 1978 in Cuxhaven, he spent most of his formative years growing up in Bremerhaven. It was in 1998 however that he took ownership of the name N.O.Madski while living in Nuremberg. His path back then was one that followed the new tradition of the Berlin Style Writing movement. As with the residents of Berlin, where there was an unwritten graffiti rule or a wall, NOMAD took it on himself to break, climb over or demolish it in the quest for pure graffiti innovation. Since 2001 N.O.Madski has continued his path of visual rebellion from his adopted city of Hamburg.


Taking graffiti style writing beyond the horizon

He has long left behind the rules and regulations of the modern graffiti movement. And in a twist of fate, he himself states that if he was to discover graffiti now in its current form, in all its modernity, internet accessibility, and social acceptance, he probably wouldn’t become a graffiti writer! For this artist, rebellion and individual pure letter style development is the fuel for his complex visual mechanisms. No friction, no progress.


NOMAD understands his role as a door opener all too well. And whether he is using a full-color kit of Montana GOLD cans or only the black and white of the Montana BLACK range, he always tries to trail blaze and build a road that only his art has traveled before. Not defined by just paint on walls, NOMAD’s work has adorned galleries and various surfaces all the way from Germany to the United States. Equally as confident while working on paper or canvas, no tool is off limits and no unspoken rule is accepted when it comes time for NOMAD to create. In a world where sometimes ‘less is more’, and ‘more is the new less’, NOMAD exhibits true innovation in his exploration through graffiti-style writing. Take a look for yourself here.

All images by the artist NOMAD