The Montana Store Vienna is not just “the” place to go to when your in Vienna, Austria. You’d be right in thinking the whole Montana Cans range (including the Montana GOLD, the Montana BLACK and Montana WHITE) is available, you’d be right in thinking you would be able to meet the good peeps from the CONCRETE Agency. You’d also be right if your motivation was to see the best graffiti fine art at the top of it’s game.

The in store exhibitions are ahead of the rest. Right there in front of you, The Montana Store Vienna exhibits world renowned artists such as Felipe Pantone with the release of his Limited Edition Artist Montana BLACK can. And most recently German artist NOMAD and local Austrian artist RUIN.

Graffiti at the Austrian forefront

The two artists are at different ends of the playing field, yet both at what appears to be the top. Nomad with his complex delving into letter structure and Ruin with his unique figurative iconography and trademark textural spray paint application. Both artist are driven to re-invent the norms they grew up with.

And if seeing great artwork isn’t enough, you can also take advantage of the limited edition apparel released only at the Montana Store Vienna. Or grab your personal printed copy of the Montana Cans LOOKBOOK 2019. For an insight to the exhibition space in store, take a look here.


All images by Montana Store Vienna