Chapter Two of Laia’s U.S. Tour: From Seattle’s Art Scene to the Heat of Las Vegas

After an inspiring start in San Francisco and Oakland, Laia’s next chapter in her U.S. graffiti journey brought her to the creative heart of Seattle. This leg of the tour was not just about leaving her mark on the city’s walls but also about showcasing her unique collaboration with local art suppliers Art Primo, and presenting a special project with Montana Cans.

Seattle: A Hub of Artistic Activity

Laia’s stay in Seattle was brief yet bustling with activity. She was there to prepare for her exhibition at Love City Love—a venue known for its support of local artists and diverse cultural events. The exhibition was a significant event, featuring Laia’s collaboration with Art Primo and Montana Cans. It was an intense four days filled with final touches to her artwork, rehearsals for her presentation, and meetings with fellow artists and collaborators.

During her stay, Laia also managed to find time to engage with the local graffiti community. Nighttime escapades with Seattle’s artists allowed her to explore the city’s vibrant street art scene, adding her flair to the local landscape with a collaborative mural, showcasing her signature style and the versatility of Montana Cans’ spray paints.

Las Vegas: Challenges in the Desert

From the cool climate of Seattle, Laia then ventured into the starkly contrasting environment of Las Vegas. Here, she faced the daunting task of painting in the middle of the desert. The experience, as Laia humorously described, was like “painting inside a hot frying pan.” Despite the challenging weather conditions, she created a striking piece using Montana’s silver spray paint, which mirrored the relentless desert sun.

Journey Through Arizona

Laia’s adventure continued as she traveled the iconic Route 66 through Arizona, all the way to the Grand Canyon. Along this historic route, she discovered pristine freight trains—an irresistible canvas for any graffiti artist. These trains, untouched and clean, presented a unique opportunity for Laia to leave her mark amidst America’s vast landscapes.

Reflections on the Journey

This chapter of Laia’s tour exemplifies the life of a traveling artist—constantly adapting to new environments, engaging with local cultures, and overcoming challenges. Whether it was preparing for a major exhibition or battling the harsh desert climate, Laia’s journey was a testament to her resilience and dedication to her craft. As Laia continues to traverse the U.S., her experiences underscore the dynamic relationship between artist and environment, highlighting how each location’s unique character influences and shapes her artistic expressions. Montana Cans is proud to support Laia and many artists like her, providing the tools they need to express their creativity in vivid color, no matter where their journeys take them.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on Laia’s tour and inspiring stories from the global street art community. Follow her progress and see behind-the-scenes footage of her creations on her Instagram. With each spray, each line, Laia and Montana Cans continue to paint stories that stick—on walls and in hearts across America.