In the summer of 2023, we followed the electrifying graffiti journey of Spanish artist Laia as she ventured across the United States, leaving her mark in cities steeped in street art culture. Her tour included stops in San Francisco and Oakland, along with other key urban canvases like Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York. Here’s a closer look at her time in the Bay Area.

Laia kicked off her U.S. graffiti tour in the dynamic cities of San Francisco and Oakland. Renowned for their deep-rooted graffiti culture and as hubs of artistic innovation, these cities offered the perfect backdrop for Laia’s creative expression. Using Montana Gold spray paints, known for their brilliant colors and excellent coverage, Laia brought her unique visions to life on the bustling streets of the Bay Area.

In San Francisco and Oakland, Laia collaborated with local graffiti crews including BBB, BTM, CCLB, OTR, and TWB.. Beyond the art, Laia’s journey was about connection and community. Alongside her partner in crime and fellow artist, she immersed herself in the local scene, engaging with other graffiti artists.

Originally planned during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Laia’s tour faced unforeseen delays and challenges, including the complete cancellation and loss of initial investments. Despite these hurdles, her determination never wavered. Rescheduling for 2023, Laia demonstrated resilience and passion for her craft, making the realized tour all the more rewarding. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on Laia’s U.S. tour and other inspiring stories from the global graffiti community. Follow her progress and see behind-the-scenes footage of her creations on her Instagram.