Summer 2023 was a whirlwind of cities and experiences for Laia. After traveling through San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Arizona, she arrived in Los Angeles—a city where she didn’t know a soul. But that quickly changed as she made incredible friends and embarked on unforgettable adventures.

One of the highlights of her time in LA was painting several freight trains. A fellow graffiti writer introduced Laia to the most iconic spot in the city to paint trains. As the sun rose behind them, they worked on their pieces, basking in the magical sunrise. It was an experience that Laia describes as simply incredible.

In addition to trains, Laia also painted several walls, threw up some tags, and even decorated a truck. Initially, she thought she might not like Los Angeles, but the welcoming people she met and the daily adventures they shared changed her perspective. Laia’s time in LA was filled with creativity, friendship, and endless graffiti—making it a summer to remember.

Laia also participated in the “Exit through the Surf Shop” show in Costa Mesa, where she painted a merry-go-round horse in gold for charity. Furthermore, she had the chance to visit the Fucking Awesome brand and paint a skateboard for their collection. Los Angeles truly offered Laia a vibrant and fulfilling graffiti experience.