In a recent post earlier this year we introduced Swedish artist KEAR to you, the audience. For some, a new world of complimenting color and impeccable design opened. For others, a confirmation that KEAR not only is still as good as he was, he is now even better. When your graffiti writing is the core of your art. Where letters are the foundation of which you build on to create new work, then it’s logical that at some stage a trip to the United States is essential. Almost like a pilgrimage to the source. And with his graffiti origins starting in Gotland Sweden, travelling to the U.S. is exactly what KEAR has done.

A long way from Gotland

With a painting partner like DMOTE and the chance to hit a classic New York truck, things were bound to look good. KEAR turned it on for New York, but the adventures didn’t just stop there. The popping Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD colors never skipped a beat making halls of fame, abandoned buildings and of course trucks, a breeze.

The old saying “what ever happens on tour, stays on tour” probably counts. Never the less we were extremely grateful that KEAR shared some tasty images of at least some of the journey with us. Take a look for yourself here:


Images by the artist KEAR STK