A vibrant city that is known for its artistic expression and urban energy, and one particular mural captures the essence of Rotterdam’s dynamic spirit. Created by the talented artist Naamlooozz for the ‘Rotterdamse Dakendagen’ event, this mural seamlessly integrates with the cityscape, becoming a living part of Rotterdam’s bustling streets.

Unveiling Rotterdam’s Living Canvas: The Dynamic Mural Integration The video capturing the making of this remarkable mural plays with the idea of anticipation and movement. Rather than revealing the end result immediately, the footage focuses on the process and the mural’s gradual integration into the city. The title, “Keep on Rolling,” perfectly encapsulates the continuous flow and perpetual motion of both the mural and the city itself.

Keep on Rolling: Rotterdam’s Dynamic Mural Becomes Part of the City’s Vibrancy

Naamlooozz, the creative mind behind this masterpiece, carefully selected the tools for his creation. His favorite can was the ultra-wide chrome with the needle cap, specially designed for this project. This fast and raw medium perfectly complements the ruggedness and pace of Rotterdam, allowing the artist to infuse his work with an authentic urban aesthetic.

The video was skillfully shot by Jonathan Pieterse, an Amsterdam-based filmmaker and photographer known as @potatoandonion. Jonathan’s artistic style embraces imperfections and rawness, which he incorporates into his work by utilizing analog techniques for both photography and videography. For this project, he opted to use his cinema camera, emphasizing the importance of capturing genuine moments rather than relying on special effects. Jonathan’s approach allows the shots to speak for themselves and effectively tell the story behind the mural.

Capturing the Imperfect Beauty of Rotterdam’s Mural in Motion As you watch the video, you’ll witness the organic integration of the mural into Rotterdam’s vibrant atmosphere. By combining shots of the subway rolling by with action shots of the artist in motion, the video beautifully illustrates how the mural becomes an inseparable part of the city. The ever-changing landscape of both the city and the mural reflects the dynamic energy that Rotterdam exudes, never settling for stillness.

Mural by @naamlooozz and video/images by @potatoandonion