May 24th, 2019 saw the exhibition opening of Berlin based artist, Kai “RAWS” Imhof at the Urban Spree Gallery in Berlin take place. Bringing together his heavy artillery of Graffiti, Design and Painting techniques, RAWS titles the show “NEOGRAFFISM”, which is also the description he uses to describe the style of the work. The work is a melting pot of pre and post graffiti ingredients. Classic graffiti letters that he has been exploring since 2004 merge with design, minimalism, painting and geometry. Through the deconstruction of his letters, RAWS arrives at what the Urban Spree Gallery described as the “tipping point”.

#NEOGRAFFISM – at Urban Spree Gallery

Where the core aesthetics of graffiti (when re-arranged) become acceptable as a fine art while maintaining their purity and integrity. When looking at the work, it is not debatable that this is what he has achieved.


With the Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans well under his control, all that was left was to bring the remaining visual elements together and ensure they gel well in individual pictures. Whether it be gradients, letter style, monotone hard edges, RAWS knows where to place each element and to which extent.

Take a look here and explore for yourself

-All images by the artist RAWSONE-