The third edition of the Montana-Cans LOOKBOOK is now available! In the Montana-Cans LOOKBOOK 2018, you will find a selected array of the collaborations, artist features and product releases that were featured through out 2017. Whether it’s the Montana x Reebok brand collabo, progress updates on international projects like THE HAUS – Berlin Art Bang, POW! WOW!, aptART and Pangeaseed/ Seewalls, or the inspirational feature on photographer, Edward Nightingale. You’ll find also new artist features of LOW BROS, BUFF MONSTER, WANE, or NEVERCREW as well as all the latest Montana BLACK Artist Edition can releases. It’s all there and more!



Cultural sponsorship and social commitment mean a great deal to us, which is why we are happy to invest in projects and event sponsorships that support the very causes which are so extremely close to our hearts. This is our privilege. As a follow-up to the first edition, we are now happy to present the third edition of the MONTANA-CANS LOOKBOOK, in which we’d like to take the time to feature some of the special projects and partnerships we have established and share our pride and gratitude with you… enjoy the 2018 issue!

We are fortunate and grateful for the fact that we are approached by artists and collaboration partners alike, who have incredible ideas and inspirations, is something that we are very thankful for. Also check the previous issues MONTANA-CANS LOOKBOOK 2016 and 2017

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