Portuguese artist Nuno Viegas is relatively settled in his adopted home of the Netherlands. He has acclimatized to the rail system connecting all the cities tightly located in a stones throw from each other. He is cool with the excesses of water flowing through nearly town north of Eindhoven. And he probably also rides a bike. With this behind him, he has also managed to acclimate to the winters. Viegas brought in his first mural of 2019 with a bang, painting in sub-zero temperatures, fueled only by a great location, pure motivation and a lot of coffee. The Montana BLACK got a rest on the sidelines as Viegas proved the all season winter proof qualities of the Montana GOLD range are equally as reliable.

First mural for 2019

Technicalities aside, the mural painted on Leiden Central Station is yet another classic example of the artists ability to merge high-end graffiti, fine art and public art into one idea. The image capturing some essential graffiti must-have; painting glove, a hand and a well trained trigger finger. The image which “gives the fingers” to all onlookers, actually does so in a positive way. The classic peace symbol or modern day Asian photo pose hand position, welcomes questions for all those whom spend the time to look at this simple yet dynamic image. And for those not willing to invest the time to contemplate, it looks great anyway! Keep warm and check it out here.

All images by the artist – Nuno Viegas

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