Berlin has well and truly established itself as a street art mecca. Many a Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK can is cleverly planned, and emptied within the cities spaces. And as for the graffiti game, Berlin has a strong reputation world wide. For the recent URBAN NATION “Unity project”, a fantastic chance arose to merge street art with graffiti in a way that is not often seen. The Portuguese artists Nuno Viegas and the English duo SNIK, came together merging the studio and the street. The result, an artwork that is no less then impressive. The bulk of the artwork is an awe inspiring massive female portrait by SNIK in countless, intricate stencil layers. Complimented by a crown which appears to be made of paper and covered in classic Nuno Viegas graffiti motifs. The finished product a street rendition of the religious icon, the Virgin Mary. Take a seat and enjoy it here.

Making of

Photos by Nuno Viegas, Snikarts and Nika Kramer

Joining forces in Berlin

Captured on film and photo by Nuno Viegas and Nika Kramer, we see as the mural takes shape and becomes something more then just graffiti, more than just street art. The timing was also appropriate as the Unity Project by URBAN NATION also ran consecutively with the Berlin Mural Festival.

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