In 2018, the city of Atlanta in Georgia played host to the Outer Space Project-Mission 4. Sixteen muralists from all over the world brought color to over fourteen different sites with a creative bang that could probably of been heard outside of earths atmosphere. But the event was more then just a mural jam. The whole city got involved as skating, bands, dj’s, workshops and pop-up painting happened during the running of the event. Artists Michael Reeder, Joram Roukes, Insane51, Arlin, Lou, Denial, Adam Fu, Dr. Dax, Ill.Des, Sanithna, Brandon Sadler, Niki Zarrabi, Nick Napolentano, Chris Veal , Soil.Mate and Thomas Turner all made sure that the artwork was top shelf. The Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans made sure that Montana Cans provided the best possible color available.

Outer Space Project 2018 – Video Re-cap

All these together made for a world class event. And with a little help from sworm of drones, the best possible film footage was taken as well. But don’t take our word for it, have a look here in the video re-cap.

Also check the images recap of Outer Space Project 2018

All images by DV PHOTO VIDEO